Football FAQs

When is registration?
All registration will be held online.

How much does it cost?
Registration is $150.  Each child will be provided with game pants, belt, chin strap, mouth guard, game jersey, shoulder pads, game socks,  and helmet. 

Each child will need to provide practice pants, practice jersey, cleats, and a cup. These can be used for multiple years.  

Every child will also be required to have sports physical before the first day of practice. You can find the physical form under downloads.    

Are there any Fundraisers my child will need to participate in?
Every child will be required to sell 100 $1 raffle tickets for our annual fundraiser.  You can elect to pay a buy out of $100 at registration. 

When do practices start, what days are practice, how long are practices, and where are practices held?
Practice start July 24
Practice prior to labor day are held Monday - Friday, during the rest summer prior to school starting back Monday - Thursday. Once school start practice is Tuesday - Thursday.  
Practice runs from 6:15 to 8:15
All Practices are held at Community Park

When are games?
All games are held on Saturday or Sunday.

What about concussions or safety concerns?
Safety is our number on concern for all of the kids. This age for playing football is all about teaching proper technique and form to protect players as they grow older and get stronger.  Every coach has to go through concussion training to make sure they know how to recognize and treat concussions.