Tackling & O-Line

Heads Up Football - Tackle Technique

As we move past our week of conditioning and start to put on the pads and get ready for contact we have spent a lot of time on new techniques we will be teaching this year.  One of the most important parts of a coaches job is to teach the players the correct way to make contact so we can make sure to keep the players as safe as possible.  If this is your child's first year or fifth year of playing football these five steps can not be covered enough times to build them into their memory.  Building muscle memory is our number one concern, so when we go up against live action your child will not have to think if they are in the correct position it will just be second nature.  Take a look at the video so you understand the 5 steps of tackling and let your child watch it with you.  

Offensive Hole Numbers and Line Positions

Each of our players will need to know the offensive line positions and the hole numbers for each play.  If a play is going to the 2 hole each player will need to know that play is going to the hole between the center and the guard on the right side of the line.   Even numbered holes are on the right side and odd numbered holes are on the left.  Memorizing this holes and the positions will help your child when we get into game situation, because they will not have to think about where the 4 hole is they will know.  This helps our linemen take a correct first step and drive the defensive player away from the hole and it helps our running backs take the correct first step and get up field as quick as possible.  Please go over these with your child every night and let any of the coaches know if you have any questions.