Spring Rugby


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Dayton Area Rugby Club and Five Rivers Youth Rugby Foundation to offer Spring Rugby! I know you are thinking Rugby what is Rugby and we will get to that soon, but first I would like to cover why we chose Rugby.

Why Rugby?
• Rugby is the NEWEST Olympic Sport and one of fastest growing sport in the US
• Rugby can greatly benefit your kids with football as well as other sports.
• We believe Rugby Style Tackling is the future of Football. The Ohio State Buckeyes and Seattle Seahawks have already adopted rugby-style tackling and USA Football just adopted Rugby Style Tackling.
• Rugby is a great sport for conditioning with it fast-paced constant action.

What is Youth Rugby?
• Youth Rugby is set up as what is called 7’s
• In 7’s there are 7 players per side (3 forwards and 4 backs) and the game is played non-stop for two 7 min halves with a 2 min halftime.
• Teams will be made up of grades K-2, 3-4 Coed Flag Teams and 5-6 and 7-8 Tackle Teams
• The cost is $65 for Flag and $95 for Tackle

When will it Start?
• Practice will start Mid-March (weather dependent
• Practice will be twice a week Monday and Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM
• Matches will be held on Sundays will start in April and run through Mid-May
• Registration is now open and will be open until 3/31/18

Where will games and practices be?
• Practices will be held at Community Park the same place we practice football
• Games will be at the Dayton Rugby Grounds 620 Shiloh Drive, Dayton, OH

What Gear will my child need?
• The only gear players will need are football or soccer cleats and a mouth guard. Everything else will be supplied.

My child has never heard of or played rugby?
• This is a new sport for everyone initially, so don’t let that deter getting your kids involved.
• We will have coaches provided by Dayton Rugby club to guide your child through learning this new sport.

Sounds Fun! How do I get involved?
• You can register your child through Rugby Ohio by clicking the link below. You will be prompted to pick your team and you can select Mad River and the team that corresponds to your child’s current grade.
• We highly encourage parental involvement and are in need of volunteer assistant coaches. This is a great way for Football coaches to work with your kids in the Spring. Anyone can learn the game at this level and grow with the kids as they progress each year.
• Spread the word to anyone you think may like to get involved. We want kids to stay active in the offseason so if you know someone who is not playing a spring sport and will be playing football reach out and get them involved.


If you have any questions. Please email mike.teague@madriverindians.org.